TY Hub

We create digital resources for teachers and students, and deem it extremely important to include young people and their opinions at each stage of the research and development process. Further, we help young people to discover their voice and we provide a platform to help amplify that voice. Students who wish to work with us have two options:

  1. We offer a number of transition year work experience placements each year for suitable candidates, and
  2. We offer ambassador roles for those students interested in helping to spread our message. Email us at info@projectonesky.com for more info.

We’ve obtained general feedback from young people from our beginning, and since 2020 we’ve recruited transition year students to help in other aspects of our company, such as product development and design. Students’ opinions in the design of the courses they take are important but much more important is to encourage the students’ sense of  their own agency, and to allow them to find and develop their voices.

Since September 2021 we’ve worked with TY students in various capacities to listen authentically to their opinions and to learn about what matters to them, in terms of Covid, their relationship with technology, and their general wellbeing. Students are creative and intelligent, and their voices deserve to be heard, and we do our best to respond in a meaningful way.

We’re currently recruiting TY students for work experience, where they receive mentorship on projects to elevate their voices, and we also recruit ambassadors to help further elevate and spread their message.

Our current projects include Amy Interviews, an interview series on wellbeing by a current TY WE student.

If you or someone you know is interested in work experience with us and/or in becoming an ambassador, contact us by clicking the links above.

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