Nutrition Crossword


1 If I eat unhealthy food because of a bad mood, then the unhealthy food makes my mood worse so I eat more unhealthy food etc; this is known as an unhealthy eating ___.

5 A group of healthy carbohydrates.

8 Drink a glass of this each morning.

10 Add this to an apple slice for a healthy dose of fats.

11 If you’re short of protein you might want to eat this.

12 The seeds of this carbohydrate-rich vegetable, often bought near the end of October, are rich in fats and protein.


1 In the video, Noelle said that when things were difficult, she sometimes used snacks to help to ___ with her feelings.

2 A balanced diet leads to stable mood, energy and ___.

3 Mindful eating helps me to ___my food more fully.

4 Porridge is made using this healthy carbohydrate source.

6 A great source of both protein and healthy fats.

7 If we’re mindful, we can see that we sometimes use food to_ from our feelings.

9 __ eating means being aware of everything that’s going on while we eat.

10 Whole fat milk is a good source of both healthy fats and ___.

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