Final Project - Presentation Methods👩‍🎓

Below you will find some further project ideas and how to implement them, as well as different methods to present the Final Project.

(There are instructional videos beside each method)

The final project requires you to develop 3 habits, complete 1 task and create a report detailing how the project went. The final step in the project – and in the course – is to create a presentation. You may use any method you’ve used before, or you can use one of the methods below. Have fun!

Option 1: Deliver a presentation in-class/teach a class

Congratulations on your bravery – your classmates will surely appreciate your effort. 

  1. Before you present, prepare slides using Microsoft Powerpoint or a similar tool. Watch the video opposite for some pro-tips.
  2. Ask your teacher and agree on a time and date for the talk.
  3. Practice the talk beforehand! It should last at most 7 minutes and every member in the group should speak.
  4. Watch the ‘Public Speaking For Beginners’ opposite before the big day.
  5. Remember to enjoy it!


Option 2: Create a documentary interview with one of society’s elders/ a local businessman/ leader

Whether your skills are journalistic, technical or artistic, or a combination of all 3, you’re story-telling skills will be appreciated by all. You’re a modern Seanchaí.

  1. Watch the first video to be inspired.
  2. Consider some questions to ask and prepare the interview.
  3. Watch the second video to prepare the 7 fundamental steps.
  4. Practice the technical setup beforehand to ensure the audio and video record correctly.
  5. Remember to be Covid cautious when interviewing anyone! 

Option 3: Review a book or app, or write an essay or blog post and publish it on your own website

Developing your own website is not as hard as it sounds! First you need to develop content – that’s your report on the habits and task.

  1. Look at the video opposite to create an interesting blog post.
  2. Create a website using the video below it. 
  3. Here’s a sample website created by a TY student, using – it should take somewhere between 1 and 2 hours.
  4. Remember that what you post online remains there forever – take care!

Choose a wellbeing app to review from the list below, or choose one yourself! (Click to view apps)

When reviewing an app, score it out of 5 in terms of the following metrics:

  • Ease of Use
  • Educational Value
  • Relevance to Irish teenagers
  • Overall score

For each heading write a single paragraph describing why you gave it that score.

Option 4: Create a poster the old-fashioned way or using Canva and

If you’re a visual artist maybe this option will appeal most to you. 

  1. Document each habit and task you’ve created using a separate page on a poster.
  2. Choose relevant pictures from Pexels (remember to credit the photographer)
  3. Design the poster in Canva.
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