Introduction to Meditation

During the last century and particularly the last decade, the explosion of technology has changed our lives completely. This change has come with benefits and also some costs. One cost in particular is that people have become more connected to the content of their smartphones and more disconnected from their bodies and the world around them. 

The body provides us with information about our moods, needs and desires, so if we are constantly disconnected from this information, we may not be able to make choices that best meet our needs. What we also lose when our attention is constantly absorbed by smartphones and computers is our connection with the present moment. Learning to be present is a way of coming to our senses so we can fully enjoy the ‘good’, and take skilful action during the ‘bad’.

Now for many, in today’s culture it almost seems impossible to be in the present moment because of all the distractions, in particular the distraction of technology and how addictive and stimulating it can be. Fortunately, there is a tool that can truly change how you experience the present moment so you’re less tuned into cyberspace and more connected to yourself and the world around you. This tool is called Meditation.


Meditation is a game changer when it comes to learning how to become more present, more often. For many people it may feel frustrating at first, but just like any skill, it takes a little bit of practice and effort to get familiar with it, but your investment will be worth it.

Our ‘Introduction to Meditation’ course introduces the practice to teenagers and their teachers. Each session focuses on a particular topic and explains the benefits, guides you through a practice, and highlights some common misconceptions which often deter people from fully giving the practice an honest effort.

The course is delivered over three classes (along with 3 recommended Tedtalks), and covers the following topics:

Each session will be led by the teacher in the classroom, along with our virtual guide Méabh. Students receive ranks and badges as they progress, along with a certificate at the end of the course. This course is about building foundational skills to help you increase awareness, improve focus and most importantly become more connected to yourself. We wish you every success developing the skill of meditation and we look forward to welcoming you on the journey with us!

We’re currently piloting the course in a number of schools and centres across the country. 

If you’re interested in participating in the pilot programme, contact us using the link below or by emailing info@projectonesky.com

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