Introduction Webinar

Here Colm introduces himself and our company, and explains how our courses work, both in the classroom as the blended learning approach and at home as the distance learning approach. He answers some frequently asked questions towards the end of the video.

The cost is €20 per student.

Project One Sky September 2020 Upgrades Announcement Webinar

Here Colm goes through the upgrades that we’ve completed over the past few months, Covid-19 preparedness and the smoother registration process.

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Download our Brochure

Our brochure gives a further overview of the Project One Sky courses, including an outline, learning outcomes, key skills, methodologies, assessment approaches and evaluation.

Here's what our happy clients are saying:

Want To Learn More About Our Services?

I know what you want most is for your students to be prepared and able to flourish in the modern world. With more than 80 years of combined experience, the team at Project One Sky have researched and developed methods for preparing students on how to optimise their mental wellbeing…If your school is teaching wellbeing, we can absolutely help.

We are passionate about our work, but we’re most excited about guiding teachers with professional videos and learning material on how to effectively teach human development and wellbeing. We’d love to partner with your school.

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