Setting Up

The program can be run in teams of 1,2 or 3. A team of 1 is the easiest to manage, whereas students will get the most benefit from a team of 3. 

If this is your first time delivering the course, we advise assigning students to a team of 1 or 2 .

The difference between the team sizes is completion of the student’s journal. If the students work in teams, they will have to communicate with their teammates to complete their own students journal.

The students’ journals are available in two forms, digitally and pdf. The digital forms are available on the same page as the corresponding topic. When students complete these forms, a copy will be sent to their email address. If you have an e-portfolio system in place, students can upload their pdfs. A digital report of progress made by each student will be available later in the year. Alternatively, you can use pdfs (i.e. pen and paper). If you do intend on using pdfs, you must print and distribute the journals; the full decks are available below: Core Quests:

– Individual
Team – Side Quests: Team of 1 – Team of 2 – Team of 3 –

Ensure all students are registered and have recorded their passwords somewhere safe. You should have been sent a ‘POS Welcome Pack’ email, with a code for distribution amongst your students. By following the link, students will be prompted to register to the website, and will be automatically assigned to your group. If you can’t find the link, let us know and we’ll resend it.

Remind the students to write down their password somewhere safe, and to use their school email address to register. 

If they forget their password, they can simply click the ‘Lost your Password’ link on the login page to be sent a password reset email.

Your first class

Depending on your choice of worksheet type (digital or pen and paper), you will be in a traditional classroom or a room of PCs/tablets.  Either way you should have a screen at the top of the class, connected to a PC. For each topic, a video is supplied, which can be displayed by logging into your own account.

Students who are late/miss a class can watch the video through their own account later.

The video is divided into parts by a bell, at which point they should answer a question along with their team-mates. When the question is displayed on screen, you should pause the video, to allow students to fill in their students journal.


Once you’re familiar with the content and flow of the workshop, you may wish to actively host the workshop, asking questions of students and contributing with your own answers/anecdotes from your own life. Be careful of time management! 

N.B. for the nutrition topic, students will learn about mindful eating. A box of raisins/grapes/ pieces of dark chocolate can be distributed, or you can mention to the students on the day before that they should bring a small healthy item for the practice.

If students aren’t engaging, gamification elements may be deployed. A quiz is supplied which students can do at the end of class, and if time allows, the video of Méabh can be played. 

Play Video
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