Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll be upgrading certain elements of the course over the summer and it will be ready for the school’s first week back – 24th August, although most TYs don’t start until a week later.

We give you and/or other supervising teachers access to the course (and monitoring portal) by sending an email and password.

You can then add each of the students email address and they will automatically receive an email with access details.

There are a number of ways to do this but the easiest is to upload a list of the email addresses that you can get from the IT person in the school.

We can do this for you – generally teachers send an excel file with the student email list and we do the rest. 

Yes, upon completion of the course and the final project, a certificate will be awarded to each student with a copy being sent to the teacher.

Yes, scheduling is highly adaptable and can be customised to meet any Schools needs.

Yes. The course material available each week can be extended to cover up to 2 classes per week. It has been run this way in schools previously.

Students will not miss out. Full access to the course is given for the duration of the school year. 

We advise that the course is run over a 10 week period, but it can be adapted to fit a shorter time period e.g. 8 weeks. Reach out to the team for further details.

Yes, we successfully ran it in six schools over the past few months – the feedback has been great.

It’s very adaptable e.g. if schools are open for three weeks, then closed for two weeks and open again, our courses will work.

The students get a document that they print out and fill out at home/in the classroom.

The reason it’s done this way is so that they feel they have privacy over their own journal – although the questions aren’t very personal, they are reflective and if they have to submit them online they don’t reflect as honestly.

Some teachers ask to see the journal to ensure that they are doing the exercises, but it’s not necessary. They should gather each of their worksheets so that they can be kept with the certificate which is issued upon completion.

Project One Sky aims to provide students with guidance and the tools to deal with such questions. Our courses have been completed by over 700 students across 14+ schools in Ireland and no such issues have arisen.

However due to the nature of the subject we encourage course delivery by the respective RE/CSPE/SPHE teacher to gain full benefit. Further supporting information and guidance can be provided on request.

Students complete the work themselves over the set time period. The only teacher requirement is to get them properly set up in the beginning; assigning students into teams and sending a few emails. 

The course has been taught by a variety of teachers, from English to History. We encourage RE/CSPE/SPHE teachers to deliver it, although it’s not necessary.

The methodology we use is Read & Explain pairs (see page 40 ). They recommend teams of three, but two also works (two is a lot easier in the classroom setup). We cater for teams of one, two or three but recommend three.

We will be doing significant upgrades over the summer so the resources won’t be available at all times. If a teacher wants to gain early access we can help out where possible e.g. sending the resources via email.

Yes we are, the company details are provided below:


Private company limited by shares

CRO Number: 667939

Address; 39A Sandford Avenue, Dublin 8, Ireland.

Still have more questions? Feel free to get in touch with us directly!

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