Side Quest – Truth Telling



Welcome to the side quest on truth-telling. You will learn the value of aiming to tell the truth at all times, it’s effect on your integrity, and why telling the truth is the most important component in expressing who you really are.

This is the beginning of the journey back down the mountain, where you prepare to contribute to society, after connecting to yourself and your talents & gifts.

Challenge 2: 

The speaker here considers a time when he didn’t live with integrity, and why he decided to change.
Try to retain as much information as possible – you will be asked questions about it in the quiz that follows.

Challenge 3: 

In this challenge, you will explore what it means to be you, at a deep level. Beyond other people’s expectations, there is the true ‘you’ within. This video will inspire you to be more comfortable in being yourself. 

Watch the video below to consider some morals you may like to strengthen:

To complete this quest, you must:

  • select a team of 1, 2, or 3.
  • contact your teammates and decide who are members A, B & C.
  • watch the video.
  • complete and store the student's journal (online or in class).
  • pass the quiz.


Completing the student's journal in the classroom? Your teacher will supply you with the following form:

Team of 1: Truth Telling pdf

Team of 2: Truth Telling pdf

Team of 3: Truth Telling pdf

Truth Telling - Side Quest Quiz pdf

Completing the student's journal at home? Fill in the form below. Don't forget to contact your teammates to get their answers!

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