Side Quest – The Great Outdoors


Welcome to the sixth side quest. Here you will learn why you should go into nature, as well as how to connect with nature. In the final challenge, you will take an example from the natural world, and apply it to your own life.

You must prepare to go back down the mountain and back to your community, with something positive and meaningful to contribute. Change and growth are not easy, but like the eagle, you must be the leader of your own life – lead yourself!

Challenge 2: The health benefits of nature

Watch medical doctor & reporter Jim Hamblin find out about ‘nature deficit disorder’ – a term used to describe people who are unhealthy because of a lack of going into nature. 

After watching the video above, fill out the form in the materials section:

Challenge 3: Connecting to nature

In the following video you’ll be given some examples of how to connect to nature. Try to retain as much information as possible – you will be asked questions about it in the quiz that follows.

Challenge 4: Learning from nature

As you have seen, there are many benefits to being in nature – one is that we can learn more about ourselves by observing other living species. In this video you’ll learn how eagles prepare and work hard for change, so that they can lead a renewed life.

To complete this quest, you must:

  • select a team of 1, 2, or 3.
  • contact your teammates and decide who are members A, B & C.
  • watch the video.
  • complete and store the student's journal (online or in class).
  • pass the quiz.


Completing the student's journal in the classroom? Your teacher will supply you with the following form:
(Exercise 1)

Team of 1: The Great Outdoors pdf

Team of 2: The Great Outdoors pdf

Team of 3: The Great Outdoors pdf

The Great Outdoors - Side Quest Quiz


(Exercise 2)

Team of 1: The Great Outdoors pdf

Team of 2: The Great Outdoors pdf

Team of 3: The Great Outdoors pdf

Completing the student's journal at home? Fill in the form below. Don't forget to contact your teammates to get their answers!

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