Side Quest – Sleep


Welcome to the first side quest. In the core quest, you learnt how sleep affects your mood. Here you will learn a technique to help you to get to sleep more quickly, a very useful skill to have!

In the second challenge, you’ll learn about teamwork. Teamwork is always an important skill to have, but especially now at the beginning of your journey, by learning about teamwork you will progress further and more quickly. Good luck on your journey! 

Challenge 2: Exercise & Sport

Task 1: Video & Quiz

For this first task, watch the video below to learn this method for helping you get to sleep. The quiz afterwards will help you to remember the method. Try it tonight!

For this task, you must watch the video below, and answer the quiz that follows this side quest (pdf version available under the Materials tab above).

Task 2: Teamwork

In today’s connected world, no matter how isolated you are a friend is always just a few thumb swipes away. Learning how to work with friends is a vital skill to have. Important skills to have include:


1. Communication

Communication is a necessary component of teamwork. Your language classes are particularly useful for developing this skill.

2. Problem-solving

Every team needs to solve problems. If you’re good at maths you’re probably a good problem solver.

3. Listening

When working in a group, it’s important to keep an open mind. Practice silence – you’ll learn more about this in the 4th quest.

5. Critical thinking

By thinking critically about a situation – examining all sides of an issue, reflecting on past experiences, and listening to what other group members have to say – you could arrive at a breakthrough that moves your team forward in new and exciting ways.

6. Collaboration

Working in a team can be challenging at times, but more often it is a great opportunity to uncover creative ideas, share different perspectives and experiences, as well as enhance your own skills. If you treat each group project as a learning experience, you can help foster a more productive team environment. 

7. Leadership

A leader who works well with others – both within his or her own group and in other groups – can help spread knowledge and resources, develop new leaders and contribute to a team’s success. 


Watch the video below, and fill out the form under the Materials tab above.

To complete this quest, you must:

  • select a team of 1, 2, or 3.
  • contact your teammates and decide who are members A, B & C.
  • watch the video.
  • complete and store the student's journal (online or in class).
  • pass the quiz.


Completing the student's journal in the classroom? Your teacher will supply you with the following form:

Team of 1: Sleep Side Quest pdf

Team of 2: Sleep Side Quest pdf

Team of 3: Sleep Side Quest pdf

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Completing the student's journal at home? Fill in the form below. Don't forget to contact your teammates to get their answers!

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