Side Quest – Nutrition


Welcome to the nutrition side quest. Below you will learn more about how nutrition affects your brain, and how different foods affect your mood. It’s important to eat as much fruit and vegetables as possible, with a variety of colours. In other words “eat the rainbow”.

Challenge 2:

Here comes the science! Watch the video below to learn exactly how food affects your mood throughout the day and over the long term. Then answer the questions in the worksheet, and the quiz at the end of the lesson!

Challenge 3

At this stage of your journey, you should understand how to look after your body and brain. With a healthy brain you will be able to think more clearly, and learn and grow. However, knowledge will not be enough for your journey – you will also require wisdom. A great source of wisdom is the elderly people in the community, and that wisdom can be obtained through good communication. Take a look at the video below and reflect on how you communicate with the elders in your life.

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For task 2, you can download the scoring guide mentioned in the video.

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  • Challenge 3 || My Preferred Sport

  • Result Summary

  • * The sports mentioned in the video are merely suggestions, similar sports are
    equally valid.

    **This video was made for an American audience. If the sport you are
    recommended is football, it means rugby.

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