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Course Description

Ethical wellbeing and emotional intelligence at both the individual and societal level are necessary, now more than ever. True wellbeing comes not only from looking after our own physical, psychological and social interactions but by recognising our connection with others and concerning ourselves with the wellbeing of our community.

with others can be gained by a daily practice of observing our thoughts, i.e. mindfulness meditation, as well as by conducting ourselves more thoughtfully in the world. By telling the truth and being more attentive towards others e.g. through our social media interactions, and by recognising our own skills, talents, and interests, and the contributions we can make, we can find more meaning in our lives leading to greater wellbeing for ourselves and society.

Learning Outcomes

 Students Will:

  • Develop awareness of their personal responsibility towards their physical, mental & social wellbeing.
  • Recognise that their sense of mental health & wellbeing can be improved using simple changes.
  • Be able to demonstrate that their wellbeing is more than an individual effort.
  • Establish daily habits and practices to better look after their general wellbeing.

Our programme is delivered over 10 consecutive weeks, involving an expert-led video class, followed by a 2 week positive habit building project.