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Project One Sky is our flagship course; our complete wellbeing education package. Beginning back in 2018 as a series of videos and worksheets sent to a few schools around the country, it’s grown and evolved according to the needs of our teachers and students. It’s managed to survive and even thrive during the pandemic, reaching an audience of thousands, adapting to schooling from home and returning stronger than ever into the classroom environment.

We’ve delivered it to over 70 schools and Youthreach centres around the country, and are aiming to top 100 by the end of this year. Join us on our adventure!

What is Project One Sky?

Simply put, it’s a wellbeing education course. We approach wellbeing slightly different than others however, seeing it as a journey, to be travelled each day, each year and over each person’s lifetime. This journey has three major steps;

Look after yourself

Know yourself

Contribute meaningfully

We’ve broken each step down further, into topics taught by experts. A different expert speaks each week on their topic of expertise, and collaborates with the teacher in the classroom to deliver the PDST-methodology based workshop. Students have the option of completing the worksheets digitally or on pdfs, with the digital version allowing for a host of education technology (EdTech) benefits. Topics include sleep, meditation, truth telling and resilience. To read the full list you can download our brochure here.

Every journey requires a guide, and so we’ve recruited Méabh, an ancient Irish queen to accompany each student. As the student journeys through the course, (completes the workshops, worksheets and quizzes), they ‘rank up’ – i.e. they’re awarded a digital badge and rank to signify their progress. Teacher’s can monitor their progress through the Group Management portal. On completion of the course, each student is awarded a certificate via email, and a copy is sent to their teacher.

Why Project One Sky?

Wellbeing education has always been important, particularly now with the ubiquity of technology and in the aftermath of the pandemic. However, it’s not so obvious what exactly wellbeing is, or how to teach it. We see it not only as a subject that teaches young people to look after themselves, but as an opportunity to develop tomorrows leaders, ready to face the challenges of technology, climate change, global pandemics and anything else life has to offer. By being well, i.e. by being connected to a truly unshakeable sense of inner contentedness, each person will feel less of a need to consume, will be less damaging to their environment and will feel more connected to others. Or as Mahatma Gandhi put it “be the change you wish to see in the world”. This is a course in applied wellbeing.

But why use technology to teach wellbeing? Isn’t tech part of the problem?

In a way, yes it is. If we’re not aware of the impact technology has on our wellbeing, it can have a very negative effect. It can be addictive, it accentuates negative sentiments, it induces a sense of worthlessness, the list goes on… However, it’s not going anywhere, and so we have to confront it; we have to learn how to live with it. This begins by understanding how it impacts us – by being aware of it’s impact we can begin to use it, rather than it use us. And from there we begin to use tech for good.

Technology has many benefits (obvious statement number 2), but in the case of Project One Sky, we use technology to deliver high quality expert workshops into the classroom. Wellbeing education is slightly different than say, maths education, in that a level of expertise is required to teach certain skills of the subject. For example, meditation should be taught only by a daily meditator. Further, wellbeing education is not merely the teaching of skills, tools and philosophies, it often requires a hero with an inspirational backstory, to motivate students towards happiness. A real life person standing in front of the class has some obvious benefits, but by using tech:

  • We enable low-cost delivery at the click of a mouse, at the teacher's pace

  • We deliver standardised workshops

  • We leverage the teacher's understanding of their students and their thirst to inspire to work in collaboration with the pre-recorded speakers

  • We automate some of the corrections and send a digital copy of the worksheets to students for portfolio collation

Are meditation and some of the other subjects you cover not a bit ‘new-agey’?

Everything we teach is research based. Science shows that meditation has a myriad of benefits, and we remove any of the unnecessary religiosity from the course. The course draws on cutting edge scientific undertandings of health & wellbeing such as teenage hormonal cycles, the addictive nature of smartphones and social media, and brain research on the benefits of sleep, breathwork and meditation. Science is at the core of Project One Sky.

Why is it called Project One Sky?

We wish to accentuate the ethical component of wellbeing – the fact that wellbeing can’t be achieved by an isolated individual but requires compassion for others. A useful analogy in meditation is to see your thoughts as clouds in the sky, to allow them to pass at their own pace, and to ‘be the sky’. And of course, we all live under one sky.

Any more details? What's the price?

€30 (price per licence)

Of course! The price is €30 per licence which includes access to the course (up to 36 hours) for the full academic year and technical support throughout, a free meditation course, and entry into the video competition at the end of the year.

Our brochure

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