Project One Sky: The Course

Project One Sky is our flagship course; our complete wellbeing education package. Beginning back in 2018 as a series of videos and worksheets sent to a few schools around the country, it’s grown and evolved according to the needs of our teachers and students. It’s managed to survive and even thrive during the pandemic, reaching an audience of thousands, adapting to schooling from home and returning stronger than ever into the classroom environment.

Starting in January 2024, the course will be enhanced with an inclusive workbook. This workbook will contain all course worksheets, as well as exciting new project prompts to further engage and inspire our students. This addition is designed to streamline the learning process and offer a more cohesive and integrated experience.

We’ve delivered it to over 70 schools and Youthreach centres around the country, and are aiming to top 100 by the end of 2024. Join us on our adventure!

What is Project One Sky?

Simply put, it’s a wellbeing education course. We approach wellbeing slightly different than others however, seeing it as a journey, to be travelled each day, each year and over each person’s lifetime. This journey has three major steps;

Look after yourself

Know yourself

Contribute meaningfully

We’ve broken each step down further, into topics taught by experts. A different expert speaks each week on their topic of expertise, and collaborates with the teacher in the classroom to deliver the PDST-methodology based workshop. Students have the option of completing the worksheets digitally or on pdfs, with the digital version allowing for a host of education technology (EdTech) benefits. Topics include sleep, meditation, truth telling and resilience. To read the full list you can download our brochure here.

Why Project One Sky?

Empower the next generation of leaders with the gift of wellbeing education! In this rapidly changing world, where technology reigns and the aftermath of a global pandemic lingers, teaching wellbeing has never been more crucial. But what is wellbeing, exactly? It’s more than just a subject; it’s a beacon of hope and a builder of resilience. 

We’re not just teaching our young learners to care for themselves; we’re nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. They will be the ones to navigate the complexities of technology, tackle climate change, and rise above the challenges of future global crises. By fostering a deep, unwavering sense of inner contentment, we guide them towards becoming conscientious citizens who care for their environment, consume responsibly, and connect meaningfully with others.

Embrace this opportunity to inspire change. As Mahatma Gandhi famously said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” This isn’t just a course; it’s a journey in applied wellbeing, a chance to mold not just educated minds, but also compassionate hearts and resilient spirits. Join us in this transformative mission

But why use technology to teach wellbeing? Isn’t tech part of the problem?

Indeed, technology is a double-edged sword. While it presents certain challenges to our wellbeing, such as potential addiction, amplification of negative emotions, and feelings of inadequacy, it’s an integral part of our world that we cannot simply ignore. The key lies in harnessing its power mindfully and effectively. By gaining a deeper understanding of technology’s impact, we can shift from being passive users to active, purposeful participants. This understanding enables us to use technology as a force for good, rather than letting it dictate our lives.


In the context of Project One Sky, technology is not just a tool; it’s a gateway to transformative learning experiences. We leverage technology to bring expert-led workshops directly into the classroom. Wellbeing education, unlike traditional subjects like mathematics, demands a certain level of expertise and lived experience for effective teaching. Consider meditation, for example: it’s best taught by someone who practices it daily. Beyond imparting skills, tools, and philosophies, wellbeing education often requires a touch of inspiration – a hero with a compelling story that can ignite a passion for happiness in students.


By integrating technology in our approach, we’re not just overcoming the logistical limitations of having a real-life expert in every classroom; we’re also expanding the reach and impact of these inspiring stories and invaluable teachings. Technology in this scenario is a bridge, connecting students with the wisdom and experiences of experts from around the globe, making wellbeing education more dynamic, accessible, and impactful than ever before.

  • We enable low-cost delivery at the click of a mouse, at the teacher's pace

  • We deliver standardised workshops

  • We leverage the teacher's understanding of their students and their thirst to inspire to work in collaboration with the pre-recorded speakers

  • We automate some of the corrections and send a digital copy of the worksheets to students for portfolio collation

Are meditation and some of the other subjects you cover not a bit ‘new-agey’?

At the heart of Project One Sky is a steadfast commitment to scientific rigor and evidence-based teaching. Our curriculum is meticulously crafted, drawing from the latest scientific insights and research in health and wellbeing. We understand the transformative power of meditation and have distilled its essence, removing any non-essential religious elements to focus purely on its scientifically-backed benefits.


Our course content is a reflection of current scientific understanding, encompassing a range of vital topics. We delve into the intricacies of teenage hormonal cycles, providing insights into how they influence wellbeing. In an age dominated by digital devices, we explore the addictive nature of smartphones and social media, equipping students with knowledge and strategies to navigate these challenges. Additionally, our curriculum sheds light on groundbreaking brain research highlighting the benefits of sleep, breathwork, and meditation.


By placing science at the core of Project One Sky, we ensure that every aspect of our teaching is grounded in verified research. This approach not only enhances the credibility and effectiveness of our course but also empowers students with valuable, practical knowledge that they can apply in their daily lives to foster better health and wellbeing.

Any more details? What's the price?

€24 (price per license)

The pricing for our program is set at €24 per license. This fee includes comprehensive access to our certified online course for the entire academic year. Alongside this, we provide consistent technical support throughout the year to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted learning experience. Additionally, each student will receive a dedicated workbook. This workbook is thoughtfully designed to complement each video workshop, providing a cohesive and interactive learning journey. Our aim is to offer a complete package that enhances both the teaching and learning experience, ensuring value for every participant.

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