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Over the past three years we’ve refined our education technology solution and delivered courses to over 70 schools and Youthreach centres nationwide. To celebrate the near-end of the pandemic and recent lifting of most restrictions, we’re delighted to announce the launch of a brand new course for you and your students, to help pull the positives from the past 18 months. Let us look after your wellbeing week requirements! 

What is The Ciúnas Project?

Who is it for?

Meet the Instructors:

Con Sheehan

Con is our meditation and mindfulness expert. He has a Masters in Mindfulness based Interventions from UCD and is a certified RYT-500 having trained with Soma Yoga Institute in Costa Rica and The Yoga Room in Dublin. Con has been practicing mindfulness meditation and yoga for years across the world in countries such as India, Sri Lanka, North and Central America.


Méabh acts as our animated guide through the course. As an avatar of an ancient Irish high queen, she gives perspective and encouragement, and ensures that no student is left behind. Initially generated during the pandemic, our student feedback strongly suggests she should remain as our guide into the future. She has previously travelled the ‘One Sky’ mountain with over 3,000 students, and travelled to a hopeful future to send back messages of encouragement to each of her heroes.

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A new mindfulness workshop by Project One Sky

Coming to terms with the pandemic and everything that’s gone with it will be difficult. Students’ mental health has suffered, they’ve become over-reliant on technology, and their outlook for the future remains somewhat bleak. An antidote for these difficulties as well as for many of life’s difficulties, is the same as it’s always been – a few moment’s silence.

Silence has always been used to improve a person or situation. Think for example, of the beginning of a match, or of the science behind meditation, or of those great teachers who emanate peace into the world. All have the same thing in common – the practice of silence. We’d like to help you to teach that practice to your students. Check out the video below:

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