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Safa’s TY Project

TY Work Experience Project By Safa from Edmund Rice College Sleep is one of the easiest ways we can take care of ourselves and our bodies. Without sleep, our bodies would not have time to recharge and rest. Not getting enough sleep in the long term can cause chronic health problems, so it is important to …

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Facing Your Fears

Facing Your Fears Facing fear is a normal part of life. It played an important role to ensure that our ancient ancestors could survive from threats such as invading tribes or hungry predators. However the threats of today are a little bit different to that of our ancient ancestors. Firstly you might be thinking “what …

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Youthreach Program

Youthreach Program We’re very proud of our partnership with Youthreach centres. We’ve grown from delivering to 2 centres in 2019, to 13 centres last year, and we’re set to grow again this year. One of our speakers is a Youthreach graduate, who has since gone on to become a wellbeing researcher in Maynooth University, but …

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Mood Food

Mood Food Now more than ever, our mental health has been massively tested due to Covid-19. As we adapt to the new normal, we’re spending more time indoors and away from those we love, things that are far from normal. We’re taking it hour by hour and day by day. We’re spending more time in …

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