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Free Lesson Plan One – Sleep

Free Lesson Plan #1 – Sleep Getting quality sleep in the modern era can be a challenge for many students. Using technology before bed, overthinking and worrying, eating too late,

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Facing Your Fears

Facing Your Fears Facing fear is a normal part of life. It played an important role to ensure that our ancient ancestors could survive from threats such as invading tribes

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Lose the mask this Halloween

Lose the mask this Halloween With Halloween coming this weekend, it felt like a good time to discuss the importance of being yourself. Halloween is fun, we dress up in

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Meditation in the classroom setting

Meditation in the classroom setting Let’s face it, life can be challenging, especially today with the change that is occurring across the planet. When teens experience challenges in their personal

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Teacher Student Relationships

Teacher Student Relationships News flash – recent research is backing up what most of us already know! As students, we’ve all experienced teachers who were in bad form at one

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