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Hi! I'm Dr. Colm Fallon.

I know what you want most is for your students to be prepared and able to flourish in the modern world. With more than 80  years of combined experience, the team at Project One Sky have researched and developed methods for preparing students on how to optimise their mental wellbeing… If your school is teaching wellbeing, we can absolutely help.

We are passionate about our work, but we’re most excited about guiding teachers with professional videos and learning material on how to effectively teach human development and wellbeing. We’d love to partner with your school.  

Colm Fallon

Our Mission

Our mission is to prepare students socially and emotionally for life in the digital age, using themes such as mindfulness and mindfulness meditation, character & competency development and digital awareness. The core belief is that by connecting to a deeper version of ourselves than the superficial image often presented on social media, we begin to transform, not only as individuals but as a society.

We begin to be less defined by what we own and how many ‘likes’ we receive, and our sleeping, eating, breathing and thinking habits become more healthy, so that we contribute to society in a more meaningful way.

Our Journey

Project One Sky has been years in the making. Here is a short overview of how we’ve grown. 

Early beginnings

Our founder, Dr. Colm Fallon's journey first began in Academia. Pursuing Physics as an undergraduate, then onto a PhD program followed by postdoctoral research. Whilst successful academically, he remained interested in deeper questions, questions such as the meaning to life, the key to happiness and the nature of the world.

In the search to answer these questions he studied yoga, Tai Chi, meditation techniques, world religions and philosophies. Personally meaning came from teaching, and so Colm spent time teaching in India, China, Germany and Edenderry.

Pilot Launch

Following this period of teaching Colm trialled a variety of research backed methodologies with TY students.

Project One Sky was setup in June 2018. It began with video recordings of speakers on a smartphone, and sending these to students alongside worksheets to two schools. By September 2019, Project One Sky had expanded to 9 schools and significantly upgraded the workshops.

Continued Growth

The next step in our journey was being accepted onto the EI New Frontiers Phase 2 course in November 2019, alongside Edith joining our team in January of 2020.

"The course has strengthened the business on all fronts, but most importantly it helped me to realise that I was not alone on my journey - I had become part of a network of business people that wanted to contribute meaningfully, and enjoy doing so."

As for more recently, when the pandemic hit, we had to adapt quickly, and our blended learning course became a distance learning course. The feedback has been highly positive, and we are looking forward to a busy summer preparing for the school year in September.

Why choose project sky one?

Teachers and Transition Year Coordinators feel frustrated when the current software and material for teaching wellbeing doesn’t engage students. At Project One Sky we use professional research backed methods, materials and instructors to teach students about human development and mental wellbeing. 

Check out our video to learn more.

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