Welcome to “Amy Interviews”, our interview series hosted by Amy Spratt. As a transition year student, Amy is enthusiastic to learn about her own interests, skills and talents, and where they might take her in future. In her work with Project One Sky she has chosen to take on the role of podcaster, recognising the benefits of teasing out ideas through conversation. As you’ll see and hear from this latest episode, she has discovered a talent for interviewing, and represents an important voice for young people interested in learning more about themselves. Throughout the series she interviews a wide range of people and topics, all focussing on the general area of wellbeing and the interests of young people. Enjoy this interview, and keep an eye out on our Facebook page for the other episodes!

Shane Carthy

In our latest ‘Amy Interviews’ episode, Amy chats with All-Ireland winning Gaelic footballer, author and mental health advocate Shane Carthy about his book “Dark Blue: The Despair Behind the Glory – My Journey Back from the Edge”.

They chat about his experience with mental health issues, the importance of speaking up and other coping mechanisms, the benefits of sport and exercise, his achievements, and what really makes him happy. 


Our team has developed lesson plans around the interview based on our “view and explain teams” methodology, which includes

It’s suitable for delivery in Irish secondary school classrooms and centres. Simply print and/or photocopy the lesson plan pdf, and play the video at the front of the class. Your job as teacher or tutor is to host the workshop, bring your knowledge of the students and the subject matter to bear, and ensure the smooth flowing of the class. Remember to press pause each time the bell rings!

The interview below can be delivered in a single or double class, depending on how long you wish to spend on each question. If you wish, you may view or listen to the interview beforehand on our Youtube channel, and/or encourage your students’ parents/guardians to do so. We hope you enjoy it!


Amy Interviews Shane Carthy : Lesson Plan

Download, print and/or photocopy the students’ journal below, and watch the video, pausing each time the bell rings.

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