Lesson Plan 2 - The Spirit Of Generosity


Christmas is a season that brings people together. It’s a celebration of love, friendship and family. It is a time to think about others and others and to develop a spirit of generosity. Acts of generosity not only make others feel good, but it can make you feel good too. The following videos will help you to understand the power of generosity, the science behind it and why it’s so important for us to practice generosity each and every day. Good Luck!

Task 1

After you watch Simon Sinek explain the scientific power of kindness and generosity, answer the quiz questions below.

“Generosity is doing something for someone else and expecting nothing in return” 

Simon Sinek

Task 2

After you watch Canadian Medical Agency INVIVO unravel the complex brain pathways that drive human social behaviours such as generosity, answer the questions.

“Acts of kindness build strong social bonds between us and many acts build strong families and communities”


Task 3

Below is another video from Simon Sinek highlighting the true spirit of generosity. After watching the video answer the questions below.

“When we help ourselves we find moments of happiness, when we help others we find lasting fulfillment”

Simon Sinek

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