Free Lesson Plan #1 - Sleep

Getting quality sleep in the modern era can be a challenge for many students. Using technology before bed, overthinking and worrying, eating too late, not getting enough exercise all can contribute to a poor night of sleep. A lack of sleep can affect our health, our mood, how we relate to others and our performance in school. More and more research is showing how vital sleep is in maintaining good health and improving the quality of our lives. Below are some videos accompanied by a downloadable worksheet with some quizzes and reflection questions that aim to educate students about the benefits of sleep and inspire them to implement healthy sleeping habits into their daily lives. The worksheet can be completed individually and also in small teams.

Task 1

In the first video Pediatric Neurologist Shai Marcu explains the benefits of a good night sleep. After you watch the video, answer the quiz questions provided on the worksheet.

“Proper sleep will have you waking up every morning with a new and improved brain ready to face the challenges ahead”

Shai Marcu

Task 2

In the second video sleeping expert and scientist Mathtew Walker provides 6 tips for a better night’s sleep. After you watch the video, answer the questions provided on the worksheet.

“I think the evidence is clear that we can think of sleep almost like a life support system, in fact some may even call sleep a superpower”

Matthew Walker

Task 3

Below is a video from English author, podcaster and former monk Jay Shetty highlighting the cost a poor night of sleep can have on your life.

“The energy you take to sleep is the energy you wake up with. The words you say before bed are the words you believe when you wake up”


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