Summer '21 updates


We’ve been working non-stop on updates over the summer and we’re excited to finally announce what we have in store for the upcoming year. The last 17 months have been extremely tough, and yet many of the clients we work with – both teachers and students – gave us feedback and suggestions, and trialled new versions of our course, enabling us to develop our shiny new product. Thank you all!

We’ve made the course easier to navigate and we’ve improved the collection of digital worksheets as well as the correction process. Teacher’s wellbeing is as important as their students’, and by using technology to automate where possible, we free up time for teachers to focus on teaching.

We’ve added a new lesson too – we now include a workshop on exercise. In keeping with some of our themes, the workshop will focus on the benefits for mental health. It’s such an important topic, especially after the year we’ve had. It fits nicely into the flow of the course, and we’re looking forward to hearing about it’s impact.

Meditation is quite central to the course, and we’ve finally developed a short course for delivery, separate to the main course. As you’ll see it’s quite experimental, so your feedback will be essential. We have high hopes for it!

The project at the end of the course proved very popular, and we’ve decided to reward students for their hard work. More will be announced later! Finally, from speaking to teachers we noticed that some got more than others from the course. Obviously we want to increase the benefits for both teachers and students, and so we’ve developed a short ‘teacher’s guide’ lesson to help you get the most out of it. We hope you’ll enjoy it.

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