Pilot Course Updates

We have made a number of changes as a result of having run the pilot of the teacher-led online version of the course.       Most of those changes were to do with navigation of the website and course, and are listed below;

Although quite a simple fix, it should have a dramatic effect on student’s navigation around the course. A lot of the text described the course itself as well as the lesson plans – neither of which was relevant to the student. We’ve removed both, and the lesson plans may now be accessed elsewhere.

A welcome recommendation from a school where student engagement was difficult to engage was the advice to add ‘Blooket’ quizzes to the course. Blooket is similar to Kahoot – quiz mcqs can be asked by the teacher during the class, that students can answer immediately, in a fun and engaging way, not only for the strong students but for all class members.

The Blooket quiz asks the same questions as the traditional quiz at the end of each lesson.

Higher order questions are asked at the beginning of the lesson and students answer them at the end – the purpose is to ensure students are engaged from the beginning.

Our method of implementation was slightly clunky – we asked the question twice in the students’ journals. 

We’ve updated the process – instructions and the questions themselves are now asked at the beginning of the video, and a space to answer the questions is now given at the end of the journals only.

When filling out the students’ journal online, students had to swap between tabs on the website, scroll down to the correct answer box, fill in their answer, scroll back up, and go back to the tab with the video. We’ve significantly simplified that process.

The journal is now directly below the video, and we’ve added a scroll bar so that students can scroll to the relevant position in the journal without moving away from the video, i.e. all answers can be navigated to while keeping the video on screen.

We’ve added this feature so that students can return to their work again later, without having to start their work from scratch.